Kempo Jitsu,  Pre 1900 Martial Arts
     This is the book that many of you have been waiting for..Kempo Jitsu
In this detailed study of pre-1900's Martial Arts, Ken explains many of the applications for techniques that were thought lost since Sport Karate came along. 
Learn why a technique that barely works for you becomes a devastating defense when vital point technologies are added. Detailed charts explain why grasping position is so important when applying many of the locks and throws in real situations.
No more "preparing for a technique" motions in your Kata or "blocks" that only work if the other guy lets them.
This is the book that will tell you why the Old Masters of China and Okinawa have become legends.

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Kempo Jitsu,  Pre 1900 Martial Arts Vol. 2
The Flow of Combat
     It's all very well to beat up a heavy bag or block the opponent that's not really there but when the chips are really down you will want to have read this book.
     Many techniques, as well as types of fighting, will be shown in this book. However its purpose is to teach a flow of movement from technique to technique or from one distance of combat to another. To teach fighters to flow from an attempted technique that failed, to another that hopefully will be winning. Flowing in a fight keeps your opponent off balance.  The art of sensitivity must be applied. This art can only be acquired through relaxation. If you remain tense you cannot feel your opponents intensions. 
     When you feel where your opponent is going you have a distinct advantage. So flowing to somewhere else in combat is confusing to the opponent. This book will begin with throwing art and flowing to lockouts. There is a drill when after you throw Uki you perform five lockouts in continuous flow. Remember to keep control of Uki’s arm at all times as best you can.  What I mean is-don’t let go and re-grip. If you re-grip do it from a place of strength. This is because when you release to re-grip, your opponent will escape. It is similar to opening a door and allowing your opponent to exit. Care and caution must be observed when practicing this drill because the lockouts are attacking the wrist, elbow or shoulder. 
     In the following chapters we will study other distances of combat and flow such as power strikes, speed fighting and the differences in breathing, stance and hip power as well as others. 

I hope you learn from and enjoy this book.

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