North East  Martial Arts Council
     There are many Martial Arts organizations in the United States these days. Some of them are for purposes of Sporting Events, like the United States Ju Jitsu Federation or United States Judo Association, some represent the Hierarchy of a Style or Art, like World Tae Kwon Do Federation or Aikido Association of America, and some are for purposes of Mutual Support in a region or area of the country.
NEMAC is in this last catagory. It is a central location for its members to find common resources, share information on the arts and events, find an instructor of reasonable seminars in sevral arts, and hold events that benefit charities and worthy causes. 
Unlike membership in many of the other organizations, NEMAC membership is free.
Those interested in joining NEMAC can do so through thier website.
Some of the Kempo School Owners.