Ken Miarecki and Ken Melbourne at the Hall of Fame Dinner.
Ken Melbourne and GrandMaster Pan Qing Fu. You may recognize GrandMaster Pan. He has been in several movies.
Ken Melbourne and Lou Perriello,  Aikido 8th Dan, at New England Kung Fu Federation Dinner in Boston's Chinatown
John LaBross, Scott Baruti, and Ken Melbourne.
Ken, Ed Brown, World Breaking Champion, and Ken Miarecki
Left to right: Ken Miarecki 6th Dan, John Larlee 10th Dan, Ken Melbourne 9th dan, Ping Chiu Woo 10th dan, James Leach 4th Dan, Joseph Slaiman 7th Dan, John Patrick 9th Dan. Front row: Joe Acuri 8th Dan, O-Sensei Philip Porter 10th Dan, Dr. Roque Goitia 6th Dan.
Dr. Roque Goitia, Ed Brown, Ken Melbourne, and Phil Porter.
Grandmaster Winchell P C Woo and Ken.
Ken, O Sensei Phil Porter, and Winchell Woo
Dave Strong, Ken, and Charlie York after Dave and Charlie's promotion to Instructors.
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Ken Melbourne, Bernard "Gil" Gilbert, and Ken Miarecki
Ken, Ralph Verde and James "Doc" Byersdorf