Outside Arm/Neck Strike
In Sport Karate, this is called an Outside Block, or, occasionally, an Inside Block.
After Charlie Grabs my lapel, I grab his wrist, applying the Heart and Lung pressure points.
Stepping into a wide back stance, coiling my body and the wrist grab as I step back, my front leg turns sharply inward.
(This sharp turning utilizes hip power from the rooted stance and enhances the power of the strike, which is to the inside of the arm, a Lung pressure point. In some instances, the outside of the arm is able to be struck at the Large Intestine pressure point.)
Notice that I have snapped the hip back to the front, thus creating hip power from the root and developing more power for the strike to pressure points just under the ear. Also, when the neck point is struck, I pull the attackers arm, causing more damage by stretching his nerves and weaking his energy level.