Dinner in Honor of a Visiting Shaolin Master
Date: June 5, 2010

In honor of visiting Shaolin Master Li Sheying a dinner was held at Ichabod’s Tavern in Chicopee, MA.  About 60 people were in attendance from as far away as New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Highlights of the evening included-
A demonstration from the Chiu Mo Kung Fu Lion Dance Team (2007 Silver Medal winners World Championships Bejing, China, 2010 Gold Medal winners Open Invitational  Hong Kong),
A demonstration by Shiodin Louis Perriello, Aikido (Interactive demo with audience on Ki and Certering),
A demonstration by Master Li with musical accompaniment, (Master Li did a hand form and a sword form that was very precise, flowing, great power and balance.),
A demonstration by Grandmaster Winchell PC Woo (While bending 3 steel tipped spears and 1 in his throat, a cinder block was broken by a sledge hammer on his body between his shoulder blades),
A short demonstration of “Healing Tai Chi” and a discussion on its uses by Grandmaster Yon Lee
Master Li was especially happy when Ken presented him with a 2 book set of "Kempo-jitsu, Pre 1900n Martial Arts".
Shaolin Master Li Sheying and GM Kenneth Melbourne
GM Yon Lee,  Sifu James Leacj, Sensei Mark Pearlman, GM Kenneth Melbourne
2 Video Clips from the dinner