Body Drop
This is the Combat version of the Judo throw Tai Otoshi.
1) Both Charlie and myself are locked in rooted stances.This adds to the strength in the grabs.
2) Pushing from my rooted front foot, I coil my hips. I also coil my left hand while gripping his right wrist and pulling toward my hip. My right hand is grabing his lapel and also adds in Charlie's leaning to the front and off balance.
3) Stepping my left foot close to the rooted right, I now root my left foot. All the time I continue the coiling of my arms furthering to off balance Charlie as I place my legs. 
4) Now with the left leg rooted, I step across and in front of Charlie's right leg. I am still continuing the coiling of my arms. If my flow of the coiling stops, he can fight the throw. Notice how my right leg is bent around Charlie's right leg. When my leg is snapped straight, my hip power enhances the throw sending Charlie flying.
5) I then perform Chin-na to Charlie's wrist and arm. While my right hand twists his wrist in one direction, my left attacks Lung #6 and ligiments on his arm and twists in the other direction. The picture is decieving as Charlie looks like he is smiling when he is gritting his teeth in pain.